VPCOK 33 Pieces BBQ Tools Set 33-in-1 BBQ Accessories Barbecue Utensils Stainless Steel Barbecue Tool Set Grill Accessories Barbecue Turners for Outdoor/Indoor with Carrying Bag Gifts for Dad


✔ Fully Equipped BBQ Tools: 8 x Grill Needles, 8 x Corn Holders, 4 x Dinner Knives, 4 x Dinner Forks, 2 x Seasoning Pots, 1 x Barbecue Tong, 1 x Barbecue Shovel, 1 x Barbecue Fork, 1 x Knife, 1 x Silicone Brush, 1 x Replaceable Grill Brush, 1 x Brush Head and 1 x Carrying Bag. It is the most complete barbecue utensils in the market.

✔ High-quality Materials: Made of high-quality and food-grade stainless steel. Being sturdy and durable. These grill accessories can be easily and simply maintained and cleaned. Being easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

✔ Space Saving: With a portable carrying bag, this barbecue grill tools set is convenient to carry. There is a specific fixing ring for easy storing the tools firmly. The barbecue turner can be hung on a hook for easy storage. Perfect for enjoy the barbecue no matter where you are, such as beach, lake party, camping or any other recreational activities.

✔ Outstanding Features: These barbecue utensils have non-slip handle for safe use. Hanging loop for easy placing when drying or not in use. The tong has a clip at the end and a round design makes it easy to clean the grill needles. The shovel has an integrated bottle opener with serrated edges on both sides of the slotted scraper.

✔ Perfect Gift: This BBQ tools set is an ideal gift for professional outdoor cooking chefs as well as a perfect gift for men, dad, lover, family, friends, barbecue enthusiasts, etc. All the grill accessories are also suitable for Father’s Day gift, Christmas gift, Birthday gift or any special occasion!



A Perfect Gift for Your Beloved!

Upgrade version with 4pcs dinner knives and 4pcs dinner forks, VPCOK 33-Piece BBQ Tools Set is a set of integrated grill accessories in your life and a practical but special gift for your lover, parents, siblings or friends. These barbecue utensils are also the ideal gift for any special occasions such as Birthday, Valentine’s day, Christmas, Mother’s day, Father’s day and so on.

Whenever on the festival or special occasions, you can invite friends or guests to have a taste on the wine and barbecue. This set of BBQ tools is kept to the highest standards to meet all your barbecue needs in all situations. You can hold the gathering both at home and outdoors!

Reliable Selection for BBQ

How should you spend your free time?

The barbecue always fits a great day. Handy and easy to carry, our grill accessories help you process meat, fish, vegetables easily and quickly during the barbecue.

A Nice Reminder of Barbecue Time

The meat becomes juicy and spicy and vegetables will be tasty but fresh.

In the garden or on the beach, with all the barbecue utensils, you have no need to worry about barbecuing different foods.

VPCOK 33-in-1 BBQ Tools Set Included

  • 8 x Grill Needles ; 8 x Corn Holders
  • 4 x Dinner Knives ; 4 x Dinner Forks
  • 2 x Seasoning Pots ; 1 x Barbecue Tong
  • 1 x Barbecue Shovel ; 1 x Barbecue Fork
  • 1 x Knife ; 1 x Silicone Brush
  • 1 x Replaceable Grill Brush
  • 1 x Brush Head ; 1 x Carrying Bag