VPCOK Sous Vide Cooker Accurate Immersion Cooker Control Temperature and Timer, 1000 Watts, 100-120V, Sous Vide Cookbook Included


VPCOK Sous Vide cooking keeps more nutrient substance. Low temperature could remain the fresh taste of ingredients.

VPCOK Sous Vide could accurately display cooking time and temperature after thousands of tests.

Voltage: 100-120V 60Hz; Power: 1000W; Temperature Range: 0-99.5 Degree Celsius ( 0-211.1 Degree F )

Water temperature kept constant with 360 degrees water circulation. Fiber of food will not be destroyed.

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Why choose Sous Vide?

Cooking with sous vide will keep more nutrient substance in food than traditional cooking means.

Its oxygen-deficient environment and low temperature will make delicious elements completely permeate into the food, decrease harmful substances, lower the fat use but ensure healthy eating.

VPCOK Sous Vide

Accurate temperature and time control is the key to sous vide cooking.

Based on thousands of cooking temperature and time tests, Vpcok Sous Vide has achieved accurate control of the cooking time and temperature.

Your preparation of each meal will be perfect achievement. Delicious foods will be served to you after quite leisure time.

Step 1

Put ingredients into vacuum bags, exhaust air then seal

Step 2

Fix the sous vide to a container, set cooking temperature and time.

Step 3

After water temperature reaches a fixed temperature, immerse packaged ingredients in water and cook.

Step 4

Put ingredients in a microwave or a barbecue machine to roast.